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No aspiring athlete should be left to his or her own designs. Having the advantage of a highly experienced coach and clinician to write your program, follow your progress, decipher the cause and effect of your training outcomes and help you develop strategies for upcoming races is priceless.


Coach Diaz brings over 30 years of experience to the table for each workout you do, custom tailored and monitored by him personally.  This is no cookie cutter, one size fits all process. if you are looking for a professional coach to guide you this is your opportunity.

Why Choose Coach Diaz?

I have always viewed my role as an adviser more so than a coach. When training an athlete from a distance as is the case with my Elite virtual coaching program, that is what you're getting, advice.


My advice is based on nearly 30 years experience working with and advising athletes from a whole range of sports. More importantly, I bring over 25 years of clinical experience to each and every athlete I advise.  In the virtual space, data drives decisions and decisions are made historically.


You would be hard pressed to find a coach to guide you with the depth of knowledge and experience Coach Diaz brings to the table.


What can you expect?

We begin with a phone or Skype call to gain some history, identify goals and explain the coaching process and determine the best time to have our weekly call. During this call, we will discuss upcoming weeks training and how things went the previous week.  Each of these calls are supported by the data provided by you, the client via; heart rate monitor, gps, cadence etc.  We will set short and long term goals and each workout will be custom tailored to help you achieve your goals.


Do I need to be an “Elite” athlete to qualify?

No, it does not matter what your level of skill is.  Realize, this coaching relationship is a commitment for both you the athlete and me, your coach.



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Our registration is generic. We will contact you once you register to confirm the location and to schedule your appointment  for testing.

Super Clinic


  • June        12-14th 2020
  • October     8-10th 2020


The Road Show!


  • August    21-23rd 2020




Includes: RMR, VO2max & Anaerobic Threshold Testing, Running Clinic and DAY THREE MTN and BEACH TRAINING!



$300.00 MONTH



What my service provides:

  • Weekly phone consultations
  • Virtual Video Gait Analysis initially and as necessary
  • Customized weekly training based on your goals
  • Unlimited access to the running component of our OCR Run Clinics wherever in the country they occur
  • A highly skilled advisor to guide you through your competitive journey!
  • OCR Athletes, Runners, Triathletes welcome!




Includes: RMR, VO2max & Anaerobic Threshold Testing, Running Clinic


Gait Analysis: Mr. Diaz provides a quick and effective gait analysis in his lab (“The Secret Lab”) and in real world settings during his Running Clinics.  These assessments are capture by video a processed through analysis software that affords the ability to magnify, slow action and measure what is occurring with your running gait. Once this is done, he will begin the correction process, teaching the subjects how to make the appropriate adjustments to reduce injury, develop stability and enhance performance. In the lab this process requires about two hours. Contact us to schedule a private session.


Metabolic Assessments: There are essentially two types of metabolic assessments, active (VO2max testing) and passive (RMR testing). The Active test clearly reveals the athletes energy expense at work, where this energy is coming from (fat vs. sugar) and the heart rate that generated said expense. From this, Mr. Diaz will explain how best to approach training to improve upon economy (endurance) and sustainable race pace (intensity). This is critical information that all athletes should experience regardless where they are in their training or level of fitness. Contact us to schedule a private session.


The RMR test identifies an athlete’s unique energy requirement at rest for a 24 hour period. Once you have this information, it is easy to develop a sound feeding strategy based on daily energy demands. This will insure that muscle mass is spared, excess body fat can be reduced all without sacrificing performance. Contact us to schedule a private session.





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The Natural Running Network Podcast

The Natural Running Network was created on a whim. A few of my coaches and I tossed around the idea of doing a live show where we discussed topics like running form, nutrition, fitness and pretty much topics that active people would enjoy.  This passing idea turned into a project that has drawn well over 1.5 million listeners since once we began.


In the 5 years we’ve been on the net we have never missed a single weeks broadcast now with over 300 episodes chock full of interviews with some of the greatest legends in endurance sport our little podcast has turned into a highly popular format that our audience has come to depend on. If you have never taken the time to listen to one of our episodes, simply click on the “Take me There” tab, grab a cup of coffee and enjoy!


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