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This is the most realistic, true to life, coaching program for group leaders charged with preparing runners in the country!



What is a Certified Natural Running Coach?

There are many other coaching certifications and yes, many share much of our philosophies where running mechanics are concerned, but generally this is where the similarities stop. Our certification is developed with all of the important elements in place that most other certifications fall short. Our program is far more comprehensive in that we also incorporate: Heart rate specific training, functional strength training, hydration and feeding strategies, Injury intervention, program design and how to earn a living as an independent recreational running coach.


Am I eligible to take this course?

We recommend this course to anyone who is interested in learning how to become a better running group leader, independent coach or simply eager to expand running knowledge.


What makes this certification different?

This certification is tailored for existing group leaders, possibly pace leaders and independents that are passionate about recreational running. The course content runs deep in value for any running coach regardless of where or at what level they coach. This certification was created with the intention of reducing the number of injuries that occur among recreational runners around the world.


Are there opportunities available after successful completion?

Our goal is to grow our network of coaches and to provide opportunities to those interested in expanding their business as an independent running coach/trainer.



Natural Running Network

Level One

Coaching Certification


Course Curriculum

Fundamentals of mid-foot running mechanics

Heart rate training and energetics

Functional running specific strength training

Periodization and program design

Feeding strategies pre, during and post event

Injury identification and assistance

Business development

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