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The Natural Running Network

The intent of the Natural Running Network from the beginning has been to provide an ever expanding union of patrons who simply enjoy running. People who are enthusiastic about their chosen recreational activity, in this case, running, whodaniel running aspire to perform optimally for the long term. Running is infamous for being responsible for more injuries than any other sport. Studies have shown that an astounding 60% of recreational runners around the world have experienced at least one injury directly attributed to running. We believe that most of these injuries could be avoided with proper instruction and education. It is our goal to set the standard for this education through our certification process our coaches and though our running network.

The Natural Running Network and its coaching system is an idea in constant flux. We are eager to learn more and to provide more for our patrons and to do this we have devoted a tremendous amount of energy to compose our training curriculum. A Natural Running Coach holding our certification in short time will be recognized as a leader that is capable of providing a level of support for running groups that is literally unheard of. We will clearly and decisively establish a new standard in what the average consumer will come to expect from a running coach.

Level One Natural Running Coaches Certification

The Natural Running Network Coaching Education Level 1 program is intended as a starting point for coaches. One of the objectives of the Level 1 program is to put all prospective Natural Running Network Coaches on common ground (i.e., speaking the same language). The Level 1 program emphasizes:

  • Fundamentals of mid-foot running biomechanics
  • Heart rate training and energetics
  • Functional running specific strength training
  • Periodization and program design
  • Feeding strategies pre, during and post event