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Ready for a challenge? We're looking for 10 dedicated women and 10 dedicated men!

This is a dream come true for a select group of 20 runners who are willing to dedicate themselves to a training program that is generally reserved for elite athletes. This is a rare opportunity for anyone who loves to run and is willing to stick to a training program.

Here is what we are offering;
Induction day: We will begin your training program with a full complement of clinical assessments; beginning with a Resting Metabolic Assessment to determine the precise feeding strategies for you. Then after we have assessed your body composition, you have been weighted and measured, you will sit with our nutritionist to discuss your meal plans. Now it’s time to perform a VO2 max test, which is the critical piece of the puzzle for developing your training program.

Before you go home we will provide you with all of the product support as promised. You will receive a team training kit from IceBreaker, makers of some of the finest and most comfortable training attire in the world, made of 100% Merino Wool from New Zealand. Once you put these garments on, you’ll wonder why you waited so long. They are providing each team member with a running top, shorts and socks, all of which will be emblazoned with our team and sponsors logos.

We will then fit you to your new pair of zero drop running shoes from Altra Running. This is an award winning Natural Running shoe that is setting the country on fire. And because every great runner wears shades, we are going to set you up with a pair of Sunglasses from XX2i Optics offered from Rudy Project.

Finally, because we are adamant that all of our team members practice proper hydration and recovery habits during and post training, we will provide each member with an ample supply of products from Pacific Health Labs, makers of Accelerade, Endurox and Second Surge energy gels. Of course, you will need a proper hydration system to carry your hydration, so we are providing a hydration belt from Amphipod.

Training: The first few days of training provides a wealth of information that we feel is essential to your success. You will learn our proprietary method of heart rate training that is the key to our program. Armed with our diagnostic data, we will be able to ensure the appropriate intensity for each and every individual based precisely on their unique abilities. We will also provide live video analysis of each team members running form and individualized form coaching to ensure minimal risk of injury while training. The team will train together for the first few session and then break off to train with our highly capable and certified Natural Running Coaches each weekend leading up to the final test, the Agoura 10 Miler, which incidentally, entry is paid for.

We valued this package at over $3,000.00 in product and services for each team member!

One more thing… after the race we will award three of the top performers with a check, First place is $500.00, second $300 and third place $200.00, not based on finish times but overall “relative” progress.

Here is how to apply:
We are going to select our team members based on various criteria but most important to us are listed here:

  1. Compliance. We are looking for runners who are eager to participate and will carefully follow our coaches instruction. We need people who will show up for all the important training sessions and do the homework training we provide.
  2. Ambassadors. We are interested in people who understand and appreciate that this program is a valuable opportunity and are willing to serve as great spokespersons for our sponsors, team of coaches and benefactors. This means being a role model for others to appreciate and respect.
  3. Work Ethic. We know that our program is extremely effective and those that participate and follow our lead will see profound improvements in their progress and are very likely to smash any previous personal records. None of this can occur without putting in the work. We expect 100% effort from our team regardless of ability.
  4. Performance history. I listed this as the last item because we are looking for some highly capable athletes but to be clear we’ll take a hard worker over a prima dona all day long. If you think you know it all, you don’t need us and we don’t want you, don’t bother applying. On the other hand, if it seems that no matter what you do, your performances don’t seem to improve, we want you. Not sure if this is you? Refer to item 1.

Finally, we ask that you submit a bio and picture of yourself with a brief plea to us (500 words or less) indicating why you want to be part of this team and why we should choose you. You must be a minimum of 18 years of age and prove it to be considered. All entries will be carefully reviewed by our staff and coaches. The finalist will be asked to appear for a personal interview and the team selection will be made no later than June 15th, 2012. If accepted, each Team Member will be required to pay a $250.00 administrative fee for costs that are not covered by our sponsors.

Excited? Let's do this! Please submit your bio, contact info and information to: diazhp@verizon.net

No phone calls please! We will contact everyone who submits with our answer.

If you think you can, you're right, if you think you can't, you're right!




E-Mail: diazhp@verizon.net